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TdS Report #50: Team Profile: Viking 23

The University of Western Washington has brought hybrid electric vehicles to
the Tour since forever, it seems. I saw Viking 21 in 1993, I remember, when I
didn't quite understand what hybrids were all about. Viking 23 has been here
several times, and it is back with some major differences. For one, it used to
be painted a deep blue. It is now "screaming electric yellow", the same as the
entrant known as Woodstock.

Jeremiah Jewell said, "We are running the same chassis as last time, but with
completely new drive train, brakes and body. The front transaxle is mated to a
50 horsepower Unique Mobility liquid-cooled brushless electric motor. That
runs off two nickel-cadmium battery stacks running through the side rails of
the car. The controller is also liquid-cooled and it runs off 180 Volts DC.
In the back we have our bio-diesel engine. It's a 1 liter, 3-cylinder Diahatsu
turbo-diesel that drives the rear wheels. In the past we ran on natural gas
and reformulated gasoline, so the car has run on three different fuels now.

"The body was just finished weeks ago. The complete mold for the body was
machined with a giant CNC (computer controlled milling) machine by Janicki
Industries as a donation. It was accurate to 0.005 inch, based on a computer
model of the body we wanted. The windshield is off an Acura NSX. It was
scanned into the computer for making the mold.

"Then we had We laid up the carbon fiber body with closed-cell PVC-core foam to
make the entire body, the doors, the nose, and the backend of the car. It went
relatively quickly, not having to make the mold. a friend paint it the
screaming Ferrari yellow."

The electric drive is used for low speed operation. "We will take it from
zero to 20 or 30 miles per hour in electric, where most internal combustion
engines are the least efficient. Then, as we start gaining speed the IC engine
becomes more efficient and we turn on the biodiesel and turn off the electric.
For pure acceleration we turn on both and it really goes!"

This car has no rear window. There used to be a little TV camera on the rear
of the car tied to a monitor in the cockpit, "but for now we are running just
on our side mirrors.

Viking 23 is low, low to the ground. It is only 44 inches tall.

Vehicle Name Viking 23
Vehicle Number 23
vehicle type category Hybrid electric
Team Name Western WA University
Organization Western Washington University
City Bellingham
State WA
new this year? ret. after 3 yrs, updated
No People in Project 10
Time to Build 9 years
Who Built club
part of school curriculum? No
Vehicle Manufacturer Purpose built
Vehicle Reg Car/Truck
Vehicle Type Class Light Duty (car, truck, van)
Vehicle Type Division Prototype
motor kW continuous 14 kW
motor kW peak 32 kW
motor manufacturer Unique Mobility
motor type Brushless DC
Energy Storage Manufacturer SAFT
Energy Storage System NiCad
Batteries series
Battery SAFT/NiCad
Battery 144 cells/ series/ $5500
Battery 5184 Whrs/ 246 V/ 301.2 lbs
battery voltage 246 V
battery blocks 144 cells
battery watt hrs 5184 Whrs
battery weight 301.2 lbs
battery cost $5500
control system manufacturer Unique Mobility
control system type Inverter
regenerative braking? Regen
charger capacity 3000 kW
charger current 14 A
charger input voltage 250 V
charger manufacturer Xantrex
charger on board? Off board
charger type High freq/ss
Plug Type 14-30P
Conversion Purpose-Built
body material Composite body
frame material Carbon Fiber Frame
Length both L: 14 ft/ 7 in
Width both W: 5 ft/ 2 in
Height both H: 3 ft/ 8 in
# seats 2
Weight pounds 1984 lbs
lbs of persons 200
lbs of cargo 0
brake front type Front Disc
brake rear type Rear Disc
engine size liters
fuel efficiency mpg
Fuel Type Biodiesel
No of Passengers 2
number of tires 4
tire manufacturer Firestone
tire model P135 R15
tire type Radial
Range miles 400 miles
Program blurb The team from Western Washington University is
comprised of students working on an
extracurricular basis. Each of our ten team
members is involved for different reasons but
mostly it is a way to learn something that a book
cannot teach. Viking 23 is unique in that the
chassis and body are all composite, carbon fiber
to be exact. All materials have been donated or
graciously discounted.

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