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TdS Report #44: Chrysler Sebring Through-The-Road Hybrid

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TdS Report #44: Chrysler Sebring Through-The-Road Hybrid

A couple of years ago Chrysler brought a Dodge Durango hybrid prototype to the
Tour de Sol to display. It's front wheels were driven by the fuel engine, it's
rear wheels were driven by the electric motor, and electric generation could be
accomplished using the rear wheels.

We had expected to see a Dodge Ram hybrid-electric vehicle, but instead ...

This year we have a prototype Sebring passenger car with the same kind of
Through-The-Road (TTR) hybrid system. Phil Benjamin told me what we were
looking at.

"It started as a 2.7 liter, V6 Sebring. We substituted a standard 2.4 liter
engine and matched that with a TTR system. The motor is 55 kiloWatts. The
batteries are 2.5 kiloWatt-hours of liquid cooled nickel metal hydride, in a
216 Volt pack. The torque couple for managing the acceleration and
deceleration is the road, itself."

All the management of engine and motor power are handled automatically.

"The way this particular car is tuned we have the fuel economy up and the
performance to 0.7 seconds faster than the V6 version. It's become a sporty-
hybrid version of the original car." They expect the hybrid's mileage numbers
would be 20% to 25% better than the non-hybrid car.

"We have affordable technology to apply to different applications. If hybrids
prove to be popular, we can incorporate it into a lot of our vehicles quickly.
The TTR gives the benefits of an all-wheel-drive application. And the kinds of
technologies we use for the motor designs can be used with fuel cell
technologies when they happen."

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