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TdS Report #43: Team Profile: Toyota Prius

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TdS Report #43: Team Profile: Toyota Prius

Last year and this Bob Strattan has driven his 2001 Toyota Prius as an entrant
in the Tour de Sol. He is also an advisor to the University of Tulsa team.

"I enjoy coming to the Tour. This is my fifth one. Our team was coming and I
was coming with them. Although I am retired, I am an adjunct professor
associated with them. Plus I want see a Prius compete in the Production HEV

After a year of ownership, have there been any surprises? "The best part is
that it has lived up to, and perhaps exceeded, my expectations of how well the
hybrid technology has been engineered into the automobile. In 18 months,
21,000 miles, I haven't had any maintenance problems. It hasn't needed one bit
of unscheduled service."

"It is more in its element in city driven. But it is very comfortable to drive
on long trips and has no trouble keeping up with traffic, doing the mountain
grades or whatever. I got over 50 miles per gallon on the trip from Oklahoma
into Baltimore. And I get 46-48 miles per gallon in city driving. I think the
display that gives a mile-per-gallon number every 5 minutes provides a feedback
mechanism to make you more conscious of your driving habits.

Vehicle Name Toyota Prius
Vehicle Number 70
vehicle type category Hybrid electric
Team Name S&S Auto Sport
Organization Robert Strattan
City Tulsa
State OK
new this year? returning team and car
No People in Project 1
part of school curriculum? Production, Purchased
Vehicle Manufacturer Toyota
Vehicle Model Year 2001
Vehicle Reg Car/Truck
Vehicle Type Class Light Duty (car, truck, van)
Vehicle Type Division Production
Vehicle Type Model Prius
sale price $20,420
motor kW continuous 33 kW
motor kW peak 33 kW
motor manufacturer Toyota
motor type Brushless DC
Energy Storage Manufacturer Panasonic/Toyota
Energy Storage System NiMH
Batteries series
Battery Panasonic/Toyota/NiMH
Battery 228 cells/ series/ unknown
Battery 1500 Whrs/ 274 V/ unknown
battery voltage 274 V
battery blocks 228 cells
battery watt hrs 1500 Whrs
battery weight unknown
battery cost unknown
control system manufacturer Toyota
control system type Toyota Hybrid System
regenerative braking? Regen
body material Steel body
frame material Steel frame
Length both L: 14 ft/ 1.6 in
Width both W: 5 ft/ 6.7 in
Height both H: 4 ft/ 9.6 in
# seats 5
Weight pounds 2765 lbs
Mfg GVW 2265 lbs
lbs of persons 150
lbs of cargo 100
brake front type Front Disc
brake rear type Rear Drum
Fuel Type RFG
No of Passengers 2
number of tires 4
tire manufacturer Bridgestone
tire model P175/65R-14
tire type Radial/low roll resist
Range miles 500 miles
Program blurb The MY 2001 Toyota Prius is my daily driver, and
was the first Prius delivered to Tulsa, OK in
October, 2000. It also competed in the 2001 Tour
de Sol. I am a retired electrical engineering
professor and am also a faculty advisor to the
University of Tulsa's Hurricane Motor Work's HEV

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