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TdS Report #39: DaimlerChrysler Natrium

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TdS Report #39: DaimlerChrysler Natrium

There was quite a bit of activity around the Chrysler Town and Country Van on
the Capital Mall. This is the "Natrium" hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that uses
the Millennium Cell reactor to extract gaseous hydrogen out of sodium
borohydride solution. Using a mirror laid on the ground, one could see the
twin pair of plastic tanks under the rear floor of the van. One thank holds
the borohydride solution before it is used; the other holds the borax "exhaust".
Just forward of that is the reactor cylinder where the solution passes over a
ruthenium catalyst, which releases the hydrogen and creates the borax.
Associated components lets only hydrogen go to the fuel cell and manage the
chemical process.

Al Jaynes told me some more details. "The out put of the fuel cell charges a
65 kiloWatt-hour battery." The driver doesn't control when the Millennium Cell
is working. When the battery begins to become discharged, the system starts
pumping the solution through the reactor which in turn generates more

"This is the same electric drive system as was in the Chrysler Epic electric
minivans. The difference is that we are generating our own electricity."

"We first presented the Natrium in December, but it actually ran the first time
in April."

Vehicle Name Natrium
Vehicle Number demo
Category DEMONSTRATION VEHICLES (non-competitive)
vehicle type category hydrogen
Organization DaimlerChrysler
City Auburn Hills,
State MI
new this year? New Prototype FC van
Vehicle Type Class Light Duty (car, truck, van)
Vehicle Type Division Production
Program blurb The Chrysler Town & Country Natrium prototype fuel
cell vehicle uses New Jersey-based Millennium
Cell hydrogen storage technology---sodium boro-
hydride, which is made from borax, a common
component of laundry soap. The fuel is non-toxic,
nonflammable and can be recycled. Interior space
is not compromised.

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