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TdS Report #32: Team Profile: Hybrid Challenger II

We last saw this vehicle at the Tour de Sol in 1996, but it had many
difficulties. "I don't even want to talk about it," said Clarence Ellers. "We
found a lot of bugs and worked them out."

This conversion of a Chevy Lumina is a parallel hybrid. The rear wheels are
driven by a 1987 Volkswagen Vanegan engine and transaxle and the front is
driven by a brushed DC motor. "There is a knob under the dash that sets the
change-over speed. You run on electric at all speeds under that. When you get
up to highway speeds it switches automatically over to gasoline."

"There are 26 Optima Yellow-top batteries, wired as 13 pairs in series. That
gives a 196 Volt system." A set of flexible solar panels are glued to the roof
and are used to keep the 2 12-Volt batteries charged.

"I bought the car in 1990. About 1992 I converted it in about 6 months. I've
been driving it for 12 years. It has accumulated about 4000 miles since it is
mostly a prototype."

The car and the patent it is based on are for sale. "I would like to sell the
patent rights for $100,000, non-exclusive. I'll consider any offer for the van

Vehicle Name Hybrid Challenger II
Vehicle Number 33
vehicle type category Hybrid electric
Team Name Hybrid Challenger
Organization Electronic Transportation Design
City Yachats
State OR
new this year? ret after 6 yrs, new car
Vehicle Manufacturer Chevrolet
Vehicle Model Year 1990
Vehicle Reg Car/Truck
Vehicle Type Division Prototype
Vehicle Type Model Lumina SUV
motor kW continuous 25 kW
motor kW peak 19 kW
motor manufacturer GE
motor type Brush DC
Energy Storage Manufacturer Optima
Energy Storage System PbA
Batteries parallel series combination par/series
Battery Optima/PbA
Battery 69 cells/ parallel series combination
par/series/ $2300
Battery 100 Whrs/ 156 V/ 1183 lbs
battery voltage 156 V
battery blocks 69 cells
battery watt hrs 100 Whrs
battery weight 1183 lbs
battery cost $2300
control system manufacturer Curtis PMC
control system type Mosfet PWM
regenerative braking? Regen
charger capacity 12 kW
charger current 100 A
charger input voltage 120 V
charger manufacturer ETD-Me
charger on board? On&off bd
charger type Trans/rectif
PV manufacturer UNI-Solar
PV watts 100 W
Conversion Conversion
body material Plastic body
frame material Steel frame
Length both L: 16 ft/ 2 in
Width both W: 5 ft/ 8 in
Height both H: 5 ft/ 8 in
# seats 7
Weight pounds 5000 lbs
Mfg GVW 4741 lbs
lbs of persons 150
lbs of cargo 0
brake front type Front Disc
brake rear type Rear Drum
engine size 65 hp
fuel effeciency 50 mpg
fuel tank capacity 10
fuel tank type Chevy Love
Fuel Type Gasoline
No of Passengers 2
number of tires 4
tire manufacturer Goodyear
tire model P195/70 R15
tire type Radial
Range miles 500 miles
Program blurb Take the world's leading Hybrid drive engineer,
the world's leading heavy equipment mechanic,
and two of the world's greatest wives, and you
have the world's greatest rally team. So why not
take the world's first hybrid SUV to the Tour de
Sol, The world's greatest clean energy rally.
Clarence and Betty Ellers, Earl and Eddie
Ruthstrom will do their very best to make this a
fantastic event.

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