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TdS Report #19: Team Profile: Electric Hog

Carl Vogel has brought is project of many years, the Electric Hog, to the Tour.
"It started 3 or 4 years ago, and has been up and running for about a year.
Unfortunately today it is not running. I think it's the controller, but did
not have time to get into it." (Carl must have fixed it. He was able to ride
into the display area in Washington DC.)

The 10 12-Volt battery blocks are packed where the engine would go on a normal
motorcycle, with the control electronics under the `gas tank'. A 4-speed
Harley transmission is fed by the electric motor. There is a hydraulic clutch
and the bike can back up. "The top speed is over 80 miles per hour. The motor
is one of Advanced DC's smaller one. There was no `original' bike. It is a
completely ground-up construction. The front end is a Harley wide-glide front-
end. The rear suspension is my own design. I use Harley after-market shocks
for that."

Carl is a mechanical engineering. "This originally started out as a college
project, years back. Instead of doing something for other companies as a
senior project, I did something I wanted to do."

Will he use it after the Tour as a day-to-day vehicle? "I'll use it. The
design is going to change; this is a prototype. I will change the frame and
lighten it up. I'd like to manufacture them."

Vehicle Name Electric Hog
Vehicle Number 12
vehicle type category PbA
Team Name Vogelbilt
Organization Vogelbilt Corp.
City New York
State NY
new this year? new team and vehicle
No People in Project 1
Time to Build 3-4 years
part of school curriculum? No
Vehicle Manufacturer Vogelbilt
Vehicle Model Year 2001
Vehicle Reg Motor Cycle
Vehicle Type Class One Person
Vehicle Type Division Prototype
Vehicle Type Model Motorcycle
sale price $18,000
motor kW continuous 12 kW
motor kW peak 58 kW
motor manufacturer Advanced DC Motors
motor type Series Wound
Energy Storage Manufacturer Trojan
Energy Storage System PbA
Battery Trojan/PbA
Battery 10 blocks/ / $800
Battery 14000 Whrs/ 120 V/ 560 lbs
battery voltage 120 V
battery blocks 10 blocks
battery watt hrs 14000 Whrs
battery weight 560 lbs
battery cost $800
control system manufacturer Curtis
control system type PWM
regenerative braking? Non-regen
charger current 19 A
charger input voltage 230 V
charger manufacturer Zivan
charger on board? Off board
charger type High freq/ss
Plug Type 6-30P
PV manufacturer IPP Global Technologies
PV watts 5 W
Conversion Purpose-Built
body material Composite body
frame material Steel frame
Length both L: 8 ft/ 2 in
Width both W: 2 ft/ 6 in
Height both H: 3 ft/ 9 in
# seats 1
Weight pounds 1220 lbs
Mfg GVW 1050 lbs
lbs of persons 200
lbs of cargo 100
brake front type Front Disc
brake rear type Rear Disc
No of Passengers 1
number of tires 2
tire manufacturer Contin/Metzeler
tire model P140/90 R16 P180/55-vb18
tire type Radial
Range miles 75 miles
Program blurb We designed the Electric Hog because we believed
that a full size motorcycle could be made all
electric. What we created is a prototype vehicle
that has the feel, look and ride of a full-sized
motorcycle. The project was very challenging, a
lot of fun and a lot of hard work. We are proud
to be part of the Tour de Sol.

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