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TdS Report #17: Team Profile: Zodiac

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TdS Report #17: Team Profile: Zodiac

David Marshall teaches technology and engineering at the Irondequoit New York
High School and advisor to the Technology Club that build the "Zodiac". It was
entered in last year's Tour de Sol.

"This year they totally rewired the electrical system to shorten wires and
place components in better locations. We went totally to digital-link meters,
replacing the analog meters. We lightened the car by replacing the bottom pan
with graphite. The rear swing arm (off a motor cycle) has been rebuilt. A
dual air-shock lets us adjust the ride height and dampening rate. The solar
panels are rewired and now give us about 3.5 Amps at about 62 Volts," which is
charging voltage for their 48 Volt battery pack. "We have a sensor to monitor
the motor temperature."

They worked on the car all year since the last Tour de Sol. They now have an
enclosed trailer which is getting solar panels so they can recharge the car,
laptop computers, and cell phones. There is 120 Volts AC on the workbenches.

"The kids can get credit with this if they go through the guidance department
and put in the hours and activities that meet ciriculum standards. We get a
lot of kids in that don't play sports, are not into music. It's a great place
to go after school, get dirty and have some fun."

Vehicle Name Zodiac
Vehicle Number 07
vehicle type category PbA solar electric
Team Name IHS Tech Team
Organization Irondequoit Tech Club
City Rochester
State NY
new this year? returning team and car
No People in Project 30
Time to Build 3 years
Who Built club
part of school curriculum? Yes
Vehicle Model Year 2001
Vehicle Reg Motor Cycle
Vehicle Type Class One Person
Vehicle Type Division Prototype
motor kW continuous 5.2 kW
motor kW peak 5.2 kW
motor manufacturer Advanced DC Motors Inc.
motor type Brushless DC
Energy Storage Manufacturer Trojan
Energy Storage System PbA
Batteries series
Battery Trojan/PbA
Battery 8 cells/ series/ $560
Battery 1752 Whrs/ 48 V/ 512 lbs
battery voltage 48 V
battery blocks 8 cells
battery watt hrs 1752 Whrs
battery weight 512 lbs
battery cost $560
control system manufacturer Curtis PMC
control system type 12098-6402
regenerative braking? Non-regen
charger capacity 2500 kW
charger current 30 A
charger input voltage 208 V
charger manufacturer Zivan NG3
charger on board? Off board
Plug Type 6-30P
PV cell type Monocrystalline
PV manufacturer Siemens
PV watts 55 W
Conversion Purpose-Built
body material Fiberglass body
frame material Steel frame
Length both L: 11 ft/ 0 in
Width both W: 5 ft/ 7 in
Height both H: 4 ft/ 7 in
# seats 1
Weight pounds 1440 lbs
lbs of persons 250
lbs of cargo 50
brake front type Front Disc
brake rear type Rear Drum
No of Passengers 1
number of tires 3
tire manufacturer DuroTour
tire model 100/80-17-52H
Program blurb The West Irondequoit HS Team currently consists
15 students and 7 adults. Our goal is to provide
safe after school club that focuses on problem
solving and real world engineering. This is the
Zodiac's second appearance in the race.

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