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TdS Report #14: Technical Testing in Baltimore

The first day of the Tour is at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore Maryland, near
the Maryland Science and Technology Museum. Here the entrants are looked over
to determine the technical specifications of the vehicle as it will compete and
to be run through a series of safety inspections. The threatened rain did not
arrive until late in the afternoon, so most of the day was sunny and pleasant.

I came across the E-STREAM car pulled off to the side. Drew Gaylo said, "We
have more current leakage from the battery pack to the frame than we should."
The specification is 1 milliamp through a 10,000 Ohm resister between the most
positive battery terminal and the chassis; likewise between the most negative
terminal and the chassis. "We had 6 milliamps. I think it's because we have
some dirty battery terminals." The dirt that accumulates on top of the
batteries can provide enough of a leakage path to cause this problem. "We'll
get some baking soda and water and clean it up."

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