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System Diagnostics details changed after reset.

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Hi all,

Ive just had my Prius serviced. Im not 100% sure, but I think hte on-board software may have been updated.

When I was driving back from the dealers, I was using the phone and after the conversation, the audio on the CD did not come back on. A bit strange. I selected FM!, then back to CD and it was ok. Later, I made another call, and the conversation was cut, and again the radio (not CD this time) didnt "un mute".

When I parked up I went into the diagnostics screen and the EMV was NCON (Not connected). There were a whole load of errors, which I cleared, the the EV was always returning. So, I then did a memory clear, which clears the config (as well as the hone book and BT info!). Since then the EMV has not shown at all but AVX has appeared. As far as I know EMV is something to do with the audio system and lives at address 110H and AVX lives at 102H, but what is AVX? Googleing AVX suggests capacitors, but I dont think thats the case here. Since doing the reset, the audio problem has gone.

Any suggestions on what AVX is?
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The DTCs found in the Display Diagnostics for the 2004 US Prius are posted here: ... e%20Chart/
(you have to be a member to view the files)

Obviously, note that the vast majority of errors seen there are related to the radio/CD/AC/navigation, and will not trigger a check engine light... (But I'm certain that you knew that already...)

EMV appears to be for the Multi-display.
AVX doesn't appear in the documents.

I would probably suggest keeping an eye on your display - maybe you're seeing some of the early signs of the bad 2004 display?
Thanks for the link. Im not a member of that group so I cant see it.

DanMan pointed to a link on the Toyota Australiasite. The Celica has an AVX navigation system, so maybe they changed my navi for some reson (can see why) or they loaded some software. They only had the car for about 45 minutes, so I would suspect a software change.

Still, No error codes have come up, and everything is working normally now. Its a bit strange though.
"Obviously, note that the vast majority of errors seen there are related to the radio/CD/AC/navigation, and will not trigger a check engine light"

Try ALL of the errors seen here pertain only to radio/CD/NAV/Amp/gateway.
None of the codes will relate to AC. The MFD does control the AC, but through the gateway, and so there won't be any DTCs for AC itself on the AVC, thought the MFD itself will complain if it can't talk to the AC through the gateway.
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