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This was back in early '05 when the Pruis was rare and few roamed the earth. I had been looking for a loaded Tideland for ages. I was on a few lists, but my car was never on their allocations. I passed up 7 (seven!) Seasides while waiting.

Symes Toyota posted on this very forum that they had 2 loaded Pruis' - one Seaside and one Tideland on the lot. I called up there and they were going for MSRP, but it was stricly first come - first served.

I drove up there the following evening and they still had the car. They gave me a fair price for my trade and sold me the Prius. Didn't deal with their financing (paid cash + trade), but all the aftermarket gunk like undercoat was dismissed with a wave of my hand.

I'd recommend this dealer based upon my experience. No nonsense, quick transaction, and completely professional.
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