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In My Humble Opinion only, of course, it beats out Canvas Works. I used the CanvasWorks for 16 months, and it does work, but I got annoyed with the glued-on Velcro strap pulling off on hot days. So last week I bought a custom Intro-Tech Sunshade.

Construction looks very similar: aluminized Mylar upper layer, clear inner layer, white foamy insulation between; black fabric stitched hem all around.

The fit is a tiny bit tighter at the sides, maybe due to manufacturing variation, but it has a distinctly smaller opening for the rear-view mirror.

It is stiffer and sags noticeably less. Neither one hugs the glass without additional support beyond that provided by the visors.

Best of all the Velcro strap is stitched in, not glued on. I will report if it ever breaks off.

Price last week was $23.60 over the counter at a Toyota dealer. (A cursory googling finds no website for them, so maybe they don't sell direct?) Canvas Works is currently $34.95 delivered if ordered from their website.
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