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I don't want to give this too much more attention, as it appears that reversing the Prius uphill has been no issue (with the exception of EAK354)

Here's what I have suggested to my wife if she ever finds herself in a tough spot whilst driving a frontwheel drive car.


If ever you should find yourself parked on an extremely steep incline, and find that some other car has parked directly in front of you, you have no alternative but to reverse back a couple of feet to then be able to drive out of the space and onto the road.

If you feel that your car (any car), is not going to handle reversing up this steep incline, take a leaf from a sailors handbook and "TACK".

Assuming your car is automatic, from a standing position, with your left foot on the brake, select reverse, then turn the steering wheel hard left, then whilst maintaining your foot on the brake peddle to prevent the car rolling forward, press on the throttle with your right foot whilst slowly releasing the brake to allow the car to reverse. You will find that the car will quite happily swing it's nose to the right (this is because you have reduced the angle at which your drive wheels are attacking the slope of the hill. Let the nose swing across about 12" (assuming you're not too close to the kerb), then put your foot on the brake, swing the steering wheel hard right, then do the same allowing the car nose to swing to the left. You'll find that your car will be slowly edging its way up the hill, alternate left/right a couple of times and you should have worked your way up enough to then drive forward out of the space.

If you don't feel comfortable with the left foot on the brake, you could use the handbrake instead (probably not a good idea if you have a foot parking brake)

If your car is manual, you may have no alternative but use the handbrake approach.

Be thankful that your car is frontwheel drive. I don't think this would work with a rear wheel drive vehicle.


This is what I would do, but I'm no expert, so seek your own advice on what to do in this situation.
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