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Have 2006, bought new... almost to 279K... Last month, the cruise control knob snapped off, so got used one for like $18... pulled all apart to fix it, piece of cake... (farm boy, former mechanic, etc.)

For about the past 3 years, the controls on the right side of the wheel have not worked (inside/outside air,inside defrost, window heaters), and I didn't really miss them... But, after replacing the cruise knob, thought I'd fix that as well... found used set (R & L) on eBay, put in yesterday. Hey, the right side still does not work!

Guessing that the clock spring is just fine, as all else works OK, NO air bag warning light, etc etc. Turning the steering wheel, as many have suggested and done, does not make the buttons function as they supposedly will do if the clock spring is the problem. So...

What else could cause the right side to not function?

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