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Steering wheel not aligned

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It seems when I got my car the steering wheel is not perfectly aligned. Meaning the right side of the wheel is a little lower then the left.

Does anyone else have this issue?

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I will say no, almost no one else has this problem, because it is an item that is checked on the Pre-Delivery Checklist. That means your service department did not check this item and it can be corrected free of charge (except that you have to go back there).

If you can convince them that, indeed, the car came that way and did not alter its alignment on some rough road, you should be all right (make that all centered) in no time.
last I checked my Owner's Warranty Rights booklet, there is some note in there that the alignment is warrantied for 12,000 miles or something short like that...
Mine was incorrect, about 10deg to one side. I took it in and they "corrected it" to 30 deg the other :x So took it back again to another dealer and he fixed it correctly. All no charge.
Just to note, for those interested in adding the Toyota cruise control to your 2001-2003 Prius: the Cruise Control steering wheel (has the cruise stalk) that replaces your cruise-less steering wheel, has different "teeth" to connect it to the steering column, as compared to the old steering wheel. So, where you once had a perfectly zeroed steering wheel, after you do the cruise control installation you have a choice of either 5 degrees to the right or 10 degrees off-center to the left.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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