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I am looking for some advice when looking for steel wheels for my Prius.

Wheel specs are:

14x5.5" 100mm bolt circle, (not sure if 40 or 45mm offset), 4 hole
(same wheel as the older 1993-2002 Corolla)
(Will Echo wheels fit?)

15x6" JJ, PCD 100mm, 45mm offset, 5 hole
(same wheel as the Matrix and the newer (2003-?) redesign of the Corolla)

However, when I look at sites like for wheels, the sites seem to be set up much more for customizing looks, than for finding a wheel that'll simply fit and be inexpensive... I search for a 2001 Toyota Prius (or Corolla), and NONE of the wheels that come up are the 14x5.5. There's a few at 14x6, and several at 15x6, 15x6.5, or 15x7. And very few of the photos are of a 4-bolt pattern. (I get up to 18" wheels that supposedly "fit" my 2001 according to - at least they have one steel "universal fit" wheel that's 14x5.5...)
So, what size rim can I buy to keep the same P175/65R14 tires on them? Do I have to look for the 14x5.5, or will the 14x6 work?

When I look for a 2004 Toyota Prius on for wheels, I get 15, 16, and 17" options. Among the 15" wheel options, they are all 15x6.5. Again, do I have to look for the 15x6, or will this 15x6.5 work?
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