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Stealth Mode... for a newbie please

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I got my 04 Prius last week and I've been hearing about "stealth" mode. I understand that it is running on the batteries. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to max out my mpg. Right now I'm averaging 42 mpg. I appreciate your help... I love my car!

BTW... I do custom printing for a living and I'll be doing a custom car flag for my Prius... I'm also looking into doing custom front mats (full bleed color). Any ideas for what to say on the Flag? I've heard of "Eat my Voltage"

I waited for 4 years for a hybrid that would finally work for me. I watched the press on the 04 for a year and pulled the trigger on the sale immediately. I'm going to do my part to stick it to the oil companies and our oil rich allies.

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Here are some suggestions for maxing MPG. Not too different from any other car, the laws of physics tend to apply pretty evenly.

- Don't worry about the engine or stealth mode too much, let the computers handle it.

- Keep tires properly inflated. Keep the pressure as high as you can without adversely affecting ride and control, but don't exceed the rating on the sidewall. Low pressure reduces mileage a lot.

- Use regular gas. High octane gas has less energy per gallon and the Prius doesn't need it.

- Manage your momentum efficiently. Don't speed up just to slow down a few seconds later. If you're planning to go a steady speed for a while, get up to that speed quickly, don't baby it up to speed.

- Slower speeds save gas.

- Read all the hints on John's site:
Click on Prius Info then Owner Advice 2.
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