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I just tested pairing this phone (just released by Sprint). I was able to pair the phone with the Prius. However there is still some functionality that is not working

I could:
Dial on the phone and listen with the Prius audio
Receive incoming calls on the Prius and listen to them on the Prius audio
Transfer one number to the phone book. Transferring more than one failed.

I could NOT:
Dial out from the Prius (whether moving or not)
Dial from the phonebook (probably because of the bogus out of range message - see below)

The Prius constantly reported that the phone was out of range (no signal) which is why the dialing from the Prius failed. There is plenty of signal and of course I had no problems making a phone initiated call

So it works half way. One of the bluetooth protocols does not seem to be functioning correctly. That is good enough for me and hopefully is gives other Sprint customers an alternative. Incidently, it is is a great mobile windows based PDA also.

If anyone else has this phone I would like to hear their experiences.
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