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I have been trying this for a while and I finally got it to work :D . Here is how.
You have to create an entry on the phone in the radio tel field of the contact and the phone number has to be unformatted. To do this:
Before you go into contacts
1. Go to Start/Settings/System/Regional Settings
2. Change the location from English (United States) to Estonian
3. Now add your phone numbers to contacts with the area code to the radio tel field. It should not format the phone number and it should be the only number for that contact.
4. Now do the transfer to the Prius phone just as normal. I have not had any problems with the transfer, but you can still only do one at a time and you have to use the radio tel field.

You can change settings back to English when you are done transferring. As long as you dont re-edit the number it will stay unformatted.

BTW, the names are truncated in the phonebook but appear much longer in the one touch dial.
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