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So I was thinking about how strange it was that the Prius has removable parts on its hubcaps. I then got to thinking about how funny it would be to see a Prius with spinners. I searched the web, and this site, and could only find people talking about doing it, but no one actually doing it. I was looking for a picture of a Prius with spinners spinning. The closest thing I could find on this site was this. Anyway, has anyone tried this? It would be a great joke to play on my friends when I get a Prius to have a picture of one with spinners.

Also, what's the deal with the removable hubcap thingy? Does it make any difference? I think it looks pretty blah either way. I'm not a fan of Prius' wheels at all (06 HCH's don't look good either), but I understand that they're for mileage efficiency purposes. A prius with some good chrome rims might look damn good, though.

EDIT: Found this "But for the record, Prius in USA has different rims and tires than the one in Europe.
If i am not mistaking Prius in USA utilises 15 inch rims whereas in Europe 16 inch.

I believe that 195/55/16 tyres are best for this car."

from ... 19784.html

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