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I am the very proud owner of a 2007 Prius. I bought it about a week ago to replace my work-horse commuter car and I absolutely love it.

I live in Lake Tahoe but commute to Reno. This is about 100 miles round trip. In the winter, Tahoe can get some heavy snow and I always did great with my FWD (Automatic, 4cyl.) Mitsubishi Galant and my Spike-Spiders on. I can pop them on and off in two or three minutes without getting dirty and they always worked fabulously. Sometimes when I would go up a somewhat steep snowy hill, I’d put my car in the “1” or “2” gear. I don’t know that I needed to put I was told it was helpful so I always did.

My questions are:

1. Anyone out there used their Prius with Spiders on? I just had my hubs put on the Prius but haven’t used them yet. I usually use them about 6 to 7 times a year.

2. What about gears “1” and “2”? They are usually options on automatic cars. What does the Prius do for this?
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