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Pinto_Girl said:
Can't tell you anything about traction additions, but since the Prius doesn't have a transmission, it doesn't have a lower gears, either.

Except for keeping it in 'B' all the time, I don't know how you would simulate holding onto a lower gear...but I'm not an expert, either.
"B" adds drag; this may help some drivers avoid the loss of control that can come from hitting the [email protected] too hard, because they will already be slowing down as soon as they take their foot from the gas pedal. "B" does not provide extra torqwe at low speed. For low speed torqwe just go slower. Unlike a [email protected] with a conventional transmission the Prius cannot stall. A steady 1 MPH on a slippery surface is a useful tactic and is easy to do in a Prius.
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