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I began my quest for a Prius back on February 6, 2004. Because dealers were adding a premium to the MSRP of several thousand dollars and can be full of surprizes at delivery, I decided to use a service provided by my credit union called Autoland. I gave the rep my order (Silver or Tideland Pearl, Pkg 9) and a check for $1000.00. The check is in an envelope and has not been cashed. Once a month, I check in for a status report. When I first ordered the car, I was told that I could expect a car by May. The last report I got was that I could, maybe, take delivery by October. Does anyone know what the inventory projections are for Southern California for Pkg 9? Also, I have heard about a $300.00 price increase. Since I placed my order in February am I entitled to a rebate from Toyota for the difference? Any info will be appreciated!
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