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Smart Start Question

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I visit a local military facility quite often. The base is flooded with RF energy that renders use of the keyless remote on my truck useless. I suspect this is done because the base is home to the Navy's Tactical Electronic jammer airplanes. I have to open the doors with the key and lock them with the door switch. This would make the automatic system impossible to use, unless the car has a traditional key lock as well as the magic fob. Are Smart Start cars equipped with traditional locks and keys?

I actually replaced a good remote battery the first time I thought the remote had failed. It would be embarrasing to lock myself out of a brand new car... especially with the nearest Toyota deater 40 miles away.
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I looked at a Prius fob. It does indeed have a little hide-away key stored inside it for emergencies. I believe the drivers' door has a key hole.
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