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Does anyone know if you can add the "Smart Entry and Start System" as a dealer add-on if you get a model without it factory installed?


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I was wondering the same thing...

When (not if) I get my Prius I want to purchase it with SS/SE, and I also want some other features. But some of them I don't really want. If only they also let you choose options rather than packages. I really don't need a 6 disc in dash CD player. What would be cool is if they had a stereo that could play MP3s from an SD card...

Anyway... anybody else know if they will let you add single additional features at a later time?

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since these are port-installed options (PPO), you can probably install them yourself or have your dealer do them:

Floor Mats, Carpet, 2004 Prius
PT208-47045-10 Ivory PPO *1 CF
PT208-47045-11 Dark Gray PPO *1 CF
*1 Includes Trunk Mat

Front End Mask

License Plate Frames by Grenada(r), all years/models
PTS03-0001C Chrome License Plate Frame
PTS03-0001G Gold License Plate Frame
PTS03-000BK Black License Plate Frame

Mirror, Auto-Dimming, 2004
PT374-47040 With Homelink PPO N1

Rear Bumper Applique, 2004
PT747-47040 Rear Bumper Applique PPO EF

Vehicle Intrusion Protection, 2004
08586-47840 RS3200 Security System Upgrade *1 PPO V5
08586-47840 GBS *2 PPO V2
*1 Applicable to vehicles equipped with Factory Keyless Entry System.
*2 Must be equipped with factory Security System.

Wheel Locks, Alloy, 2002-2004
00276-00900 14" Factory Alloy Clear Chrome PPO WL

Ashtray, 2004
08171-47800 Ashtray

Audio, 2004
08601-47800 6-Disc In-Dash Changer PPO P6
08695-00370 Wire Harness *1
08695-47800 Installation Kit *1
*1 Required to complete installation

Cargo Mat, 2004
PT206-47040-11 Dark Gray PPO *1 CF
PT206-47040-10 Ivory PPO *1 CF
*1 Included in PPO CF with Carpet Floor Mats.

Cargo Net, 2004
PT347-47040 Cargo Net PPO GN

Cargo Tote by Nifty Products, 2003-2004
PTS07-00020-02 Black PPO 9G

First Aid Kit, 2003-2004
PT420-03023 First Aid Kit PPO 3Z

I'll note that adding a factory Navigation system to a classic Prius would not be cheap/easy (missing over $4000 in parts, price not including the lots of labor involved)...

The Navigation system, because of the added microphone for the Bluetooth and voice commands, would have added wiring compared to a classic Prius...
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