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Single Beep every 4 minutes?!?

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Every four minutes we get a single, short beep. The gas is full, the radio is off. There is not warning light. WHY DOES IT BEEP?!?
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That might be the RDS traffic beep if you activated the traffic button. Some stations send out a signal when they're doing traffic and if it's activated in your radio, you'll hear a beep telling you to push the traffic button to tune to that station. I'm not sure of the 2004 model, but there might be a radio screen that has either an RDS or a Traffic icon you can press to turn it on/off.

The traffic tip I will check out but there is one documented warning that fits my description - that is a sequence of starting with the door open in ACC.

Today the beeping has stopped... thankfully :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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