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Should kenlacy leave the forum

  • I like what he has to say, he must stay

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  • He's a Prius owner, let him stay

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  • I really don't care...

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  • He's a Pruis owner, but make him leave anyway

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Why? ...does "kenlacy" drive a Jaguar truck or something? :shock:

Interesting that the "mu" term came to is the reason it was chosen in for our business name "Mugen Research Inc" (Infinite research)

It is also the "Z" symbol used on Nissan Z cars hence the reason we chose it for our firm name. We researched performance parts designs for the 90 to 96 Twin Turbo cars back in our beginnings.

uh oh...I'm not talking about Prii.....

let the HIVOLTAGE expulsion poll begin! :lol:
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