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Your dealer should carry them

Have you checked your local Toyota dealer? I know they sell manuals for just about every other car...not sure about the Prius specifically. Typically service manuals will run you about $75.

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inicolaou said:
i want to buy a service mannual for my prius.

Can anybody give me internet sites selling books with details for Prius maintenance.

thanks :)
info taken from the Prius Parts Pricelist over on the toyota-prius yahoogroup:

Electrical (NHW11 Model) Prius Service Manual
Pub. No. EWD414U

Vol. 1 Diagnostics Prius Service Manual
Pub. No. RM778U1

Vol. 2 Repair Prius Service Manual
Pub. No. RM778U2

order from Toyota Publications: 800-622-2033 (7a-5p, PST)

You might also try your favorite Toyota Parts source (local dealer, or online dealer, or eBay, or...)
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