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Serious mechanical issues

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I have just surpassed 40,000 miles on my '01 and much as I dislike having to say it, I am beginning to regret my purchase. I have had an incessant oil leak at the crank shaft that has just reappeared after the third repair. The dealership seems to be incapable of ordering all the parts necessary up front and due to the nature of parts availability this causes long delays (the last time was 13 days in the shop). One week after I got it back from that repair the check engine light came on, turned out that catalytic converter had failed. Once that came in and was replaced, never guess what, they had to order a heat shield that they were expecting to come with the converter. When they installed the heat shield they found the oil leak again. Thank goodness for the rental car coverage in the warranty. One other thing is an intermittent problem where the windows will not close, cycling the ignition a few times will get them up. If you say intermittent you can also say "forget getting it repaired!!!!"
Ahhh yes, Virginia does have a lemon law, however it stipulates 3 unsucessful repair attempts within 18 months of purchase, I passed that window in June of this year, third repair was performed in August, wouldn't you know. I also spoke to a laywer who assured me that VA is extremely business friendly and would not enforce the "spirit" of the law. My next best hope is with Toyota USA, with whom I have started the process. My service manager has termed my car as one that Toyota is very interested in, due to its number of problems. My hope is that the interest is real and that I can convince them to make it a full time study (in other words get me another car). From what I have gleaned in research so far, my vehicle is really an outlyer, so I would be happy to aquire another Prius ... I think ;-)

Has ANYBODY else had issues similar to these??
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That's a very distressing story! Does your state have a lemon law? After three attempts to fix the same problem, sounds like it's a candidate for an official complaint.
Update: I was offered a free platinum extended warranty, but rejected this for several reasons. I would still have the same car after 100K miles, and the warranty would discourage me from driving the vehicle so as to extend the covered period (It has been the car of preference due mostly to its environmental benefits over my other vehicle). I also told them that if I chose to get out, I could not in good conscience sell the vehicle as it is so problematic. I told them I need a new car. The dealership is persuing this.
Meanwhile, when I said the above to Toyota national they told me they were sending arbitration paperwork. This is a bit of a disappointment, as I am looking for Toyota to step up to the plate and do what is right, not just when an outsider tells them to. Time will tell.
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oh well

I just got off the phone with Central Atlantic Toyota, sorely dissapointed. As soon as the words "loss of confidence" and "I couldn't resell this vehicle with a clear conscience" came out of my mouth, they said back to me "Arbitration".

All they claim they "can" do is ensure the warranty is being enforced. I really thought Toyota was doing something special with this car program and thought they would go the extra mile when things went seriously awry. As a consumer I was lead to beleive I was making an investment in the future right along with Toyota, I didn't realize that when it comes down to it I was buying just another car (with a beefy warranty).

Like with any other car it is the luck of the draw and I pulled the short stick. So, Sadly I am on to arbitration.
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