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I cut down my '04 fob to about half its original capacity, which was very convenient. No loss of functionality, and if required it would have fit into a sleeve I inserted in the dash. But while on a trip that unit was taken with some other things, so...

It's replaced with a working one, so I now have a spare (thanks, Frank!). However, I want to do a more competent job of reducing the fob size, and am looking for a dead unit to dissect and document. I promise to post the procedure and all information here. I'm quite sure the function can be reduced to 1/3 the original volume, and perhaps can be made two-dimensional, like a thick credit card.

Do you know of a non-working fob? Doesn't matter if it's been crushed, sunk (though they're fairly water-resistant), etc.


I hide a spare metal key under the car, and a spare fob with no battery inside the car. Thus, in an emergency I can get into the car, insert the spare fob into the dash, and drive away.
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