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behind the seat of the toyota Prius (2004) there is, as there are on many cars, a pocket for storage.

As best I can tell if you put anything in that pocket that weights 1/2 lb. or more the seat will no longer retract if you attempt to adjust it. That is: if you are driving on a long trip and want to change your body position and you attempt to put the seat back one notch lower it is unlikely you will find the right spot. The standard technique is to lower the back just past the place where you want it, and it retracts to a pre-set position. If there is anything in the seat back pocket the seat will not come back to the pre-set position.

My take on this is that Toyota has beefed up the seats, but filed to beef up the spring mechanism.

My answer to this problem is to load up all the junk I had intended to put in both back seat pockets and put it all in the passenger back seat pocket.

This is hardly a hight tech problem....but it is a message that while Toyota has come up with a raft of innovative ideas for this car, they haven't figured out how to make a seat spring that can handle retraction if anything is in the seat-back pocket .

Toyota Prius report card: A for high tech D for low tech
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