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Science Project

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I am doing a Science Fair project on automobile emissions. I am planning to feature cars like the Prius as a possible solution to carbon monoxide pollution in Los Angeles. I would like to see a Prius in person, but no dealer in my area has one.

Does anyone know of a Prius in Southern California that I could look at?

I really appreciate the help. Thanks.
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Can't help you on your request. I did see a TV show covering the Chicago Auto Show where a Toyota Executive said that the exhaust from a Prius is cleaner than the ambient air on a Los Angeles freeway on a typical day. I wonder if that means you couldn't commit suicide by asphyxiation in a Prius? ;-)

Talk to Dianne Whitmire at Carson Toyota (Carson CA). She's got a bunch of Priuses there and is incredibly knowledgable about the car.

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