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Hello all!
I'm new owner of Prius04 and newcomer to the forum. Glad to find this place. My family and I love our new car. Prius is quite a homerun for Toyota for sure. We experienced a glitch today, however.

I was waiting for light to change to green and when it did, I pressed the gas but the car wouldn't speed up. The max speed I was getting was only 9~10mph, and the car had a erratic vibration and giving out some beeping sound, which sounded like an warning signal.
I pulled over the car and restarted the car, then the problem went away.

We had this prius for a week now and it's been always great, except for today's rather scary incident. The manual doesn't have any reference to this kind of malfunction, but interestingly enough other toyota gas car's manual does. It lists the problem of car not increasing its speed when gas pedal is pressed, and says there might be problem with 'electronic throttle control system'. I know Prius and hybrid kinds work different internally but nonetheless that gas car manual marked this as a serious problem.

Has anyone exprerienced this? Is this a known issue? Or did I do something simply dumb to cause this?

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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