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Thoughts On DVD Copying

The 8th and 9th layer of the OSI model are Politics and Religion. I am frustrated with people who make comments like "Isn't copying a DVD illegal" Guess what.. today nearly everything is illegal. I refuse to stop following laws that try to overrule my common sense. Laws are societies glue but we have taken this premise too far in this century. Intellectual property, Copy write laws etc. Have made it illegal for me to make a copy of a DVD that I paid for that I do not intend to sell? It does not matter why I want to learn about it or copy. Exploring technology, Reverse engineering, Creative thinking, and thrifty living should be encourage. How is copying some magnetic polarities on a disk illegal if you are not doing it to make money and hurt the manufacture?

Sorry for the Rant I just want Bif to try to see the other points of view on File copying.
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