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Sorry if I am a numbskull for not "getting it"...

If you had said you were just curious, I suppose I would understand it, but that's not your claim.

So maybe I'll just pose a question: If the DVD is always in the drive, how could anything could "happen" to the DVD without also "happening" to the DVD drive itself.

It seems to me that if you never remove the DVD from the drive, and if something happens to it, you'll probably be filing a claim with your insurance company for both a new DVD drive and a new DVD.

(edit: Oh, heh..I just re-read it, you DID say it was from curiosity. :oops: )

(edit 2: Yeah, and upon another re-read, I thought you'd probably want to know that a "data-swap" is probably um.. "somewhat" illegal :eek: )
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