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runeridr said:
I've been notified that my salsa red #9 will be in next week. I ordered it early December. I was told it would be June before it came but the dealer had an unexpected allotment. For those who have had the Prius for a few months; now that the honeymoon is over are you happy with the MPG and how the car does what it's suppose to, ie., using the battery etc. One other observation; I took another test drive today and was alittle suprised that the engine would shut off at a stop light but turn back on almost immediately as I pulled away even with gentle throttle with the battery indicator almost on full. I love the Prius, it's just I want some other opinions before I plank down 26 large. I could get the Honda Hybrid for almost 10 K less, I know apples and oranges. :lol:
I have just passed 3,500 miles. So far I'm averaging 44.8 mpg and that is without a care in the world as to how long I can keep the car in stealth. At first it was fun to experiment, but I've come to trust the car to operate at it's most efficient without much help from me. Now I just drive it like anything else. I think this is the best car I've ever owned. I would buy another one tomorrow.
Drive happy,
Moo :)
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