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Most of these should come as no surprise to forum members who have used the Internet for any length of time. These are common sense guidelines for making forums a friendly place to be.


0) First and foremost, remember this: Don't make personal attacks. You can attack ideas, but don't attack people. Additionally, if you attack a Forum Moderator or Administrator, that shows us a particular lack of regard for the rules, and will get you banned rather quickly.

1 ) Post in the appropriate forum. We have separate forums for various types of discussion for a reason. Please respect that.

If, however, you spam the forums or its members through posts, PMs or email, you are likely to get banned. This includes trolling of any sort. If you post or send spam about sites that don't allow spam advertising, you will be banned immediately.

2 ) Do not post a message in the wrong forum, and say that you know it's the wrong forum but you're posting there for greater traffic. That shows that you enjoy annoying people, since you are intentionally ignoring the system. Do not ask the Moderators not to move a post to the appropriate forum just because you want more traffic for your post. Not only are you being intentionally annoying, but you're asking for special treatment in return for being annoying, which makes you look even worse.

3 ) Messages which consist of slurs against people, or groups of people, based on race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

4 ) Impersonation of any other forum member (registered or not), will not be tolerated.

5 ) Any post that assists in breaking U.S. law, including asking for "burned" copies or other pirated materials, will be removed. Messages attempting to convince other forum members to break laws will also be removed. Breaking the law includes reposting content from sites that do not allow such a thing. Users posting any unlawful messages may be subject to administrative action and/or referred to the proper authorities.

6 ) Pornography, whether images or links to adult websites, is inappropriate in the forums. Don't post it.

7 ) Linking to a site that punishes linking (such as, which replaces any intended link with an inappropriate picture) is not allowed. Don't link to such sites.

8 ) Posting a private email, message, or series of messages for public viewing is not allowed. The only exceptions will be when the permission of each person involved is given to the poster. Claiming to have the permission to post without having proof of such is grounds for immediate banning and possible legal action.


1 ) Be nice. If you can't be nice, try to at least be polite.

2 ) Use profanity like a spice, not the main course.

3 ) Meta-discussion about PriusOnline should usually happen in PriusOnline, where all concerned will likely see it.

4 ) Problems with posts or threads should be reported to the Moderators. Don't be afraid to report a post but please don't complain about a post just because someone used the word '****'; see also Guideline 2.

5 ) Don't make a lot of posts to various threads just to increase your Posts counter or gain rank. It doesn't make you look any smarter just because you had to spam your way to 1000 posts.

6 ) If you post a thread by mistake, or post duplicate threads, you can request a Moderator delete the duplicate. If people have already posted to a thread you started, however, it's unlikely we'll delete it, since the other people probably don't want their posts to disappear.

7 ) If you post in the wrong forum accidentally, you can report the post to a Moderator yourself, to have it moved to the appropriate forum. You don't have to wait for someone else to report the post.

8 ) Derailing a thread's conversation ("hijacking") is a good way to annoy the thread's creator. If you absolutely need to discuss something else, find an appropriate thread for your topic or start your own.

9) As the years move onward the models of hybrid vehicles will increase within each auto company so when you are talking about a hybrid vehicle please be sure to tell us what hybrid vehicle you're talking about so we can help you all that much faster. (Suggested by johnson487682)

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