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The family and I were invited to attend a wedding reception in Toronto, Canada and decided to drive our 2004 Prius rather than fly. Though the one-way journey is a mere 9 hours from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, we decided to stop over at Watertown, NY to break up the drive and allow the kids to relax at the hotel.

We drove up I-476 to I-81 to Canada's Hwy 401 (we decided to round Lake Ontario from the East) and on to Toronto. Needless to say the car was packed. Two adults and two kids with enough luggage to last four days - not including snacks, game-boys, portable CD players, and (much to the kids sorrow) a couple of school books so the kids could get home work done (we departed on a weekday resulting in missed school).

The Prius was flawless the entire trip. I was amazed at how smooth the car rode (depending on road conditions) and am convinced I could have made it to Toronto on one tank of gas. I refueled in Watertown because I had heard that the gas prices would be high in Canada (a rumor I found to be wrong once I got there).

I made great use of the Prius' cruise control and learned something that I think it totally cool. Where a traditional automobile's cruise control will fluctuate somewhat (speed reduction going up hill and over speed coming down) the Prius does not. Once the desired speed is reached and cruise control is set the car does not deviate from the set speed - EVER! This probably is not true when traversing the Rockys out West but on this trip of mostly flat or mildly rolling hills it certainly is.

I did not see another Prius the entire trip and the car received many looks and inquiries on the Canadian side of the border. It was fun showing it off. :)

On the return trip there was a long line at the border. We sat in line for nearly an hour and the ICE never started once. We did not wast a single drop of gasoline wating at the border while those around us idled away. An added bonus was that I could put the car in Park by simply pressing a button (giving my braking foot much rest).

All in all we are very pleased with our little Prius and plan to take more road trips in it.

Happy motoring! :D
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