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DAVID said:
Someone on the Edmunds board says that it can be disabled. ... ssage/6989

Instructions on how to turn off the
interior beeping when you put the
2004 into reverse.

(I much prefer just the blinking
R box that's on my 2001 Prius...
The beeping is about the first thing
to go when my husband's 2004 comes in.)

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A little better detail

1. Power on (not neccesarily ready, IG-ON will do).
2. Set Trip/ODO to ODO
3. Power off.
4. Power on to ready (brake on).
5. Within 6 seconds, press and hold ODO for 10 seconds or more.
6. WHILE STILL HOLDING ODO *after* 10 seconds, Shift from P to R, then
back to P. Now release ODO.
7. You'll see in the trip pisplay "b on" or "b off".
8. Press ODO to toggle.
9. Now power off.

The Repair manual page says, however, that if you disconnect the 12v
battery, you may lose this change. Repair manual also isn't clear that
you should be holding down ODO while shifting (or operating seatbelt
if you wish to cancel seatbelt buzzers, driver or passenger, using
similar steps replacing shifting w/ fastening seatbelts).

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Two other people at our "Ride'n Drive" commented on that as well - they didn't seem to like to noise. One even commented that if that noise is going to be made, it should be made outside of the car. Personally, it didn't bother me at all. I got use to that when I drove a 2001 Celica GTS.

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Yep, also if you leave your car on all night and the batteries run down you'll lose this change. Don;t wanna talk about how I know this though (my prius is so quiet!)
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