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Anyone know how to manually reprogram the SE/SS system? During my EL010-04 the SE/SS was "off"...apparently that's bad (though there's nothing in the TSB instructions about it) and it 'un-programmed' my SE/SS.

I'm going in to have it fixed/reprogrammed on Wed., but was curious if this was a customer 'doable' proceedure. I know there is a manual means of programming a new fob for the car (without paying the $40-70 fees the service dept. will charge), but can't even find the link to the site that describes that process right now.

Appreciate any feedback.

BTW, you can read about my EL010-04 experience at if you like. I intend to provide updates as they each fill-up...for the next month or so.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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