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There are topics on this site for replacement rims/Wheels.
Snow tires on rims.

Have not considered changing the size or profile - Got a special look in mind?
Having the NAV system there are procedures when you change tires or tires wear - a reset of the NAV system. I'm kinda thinkin that a radical change would throw the NAV system a curve ball.

See: from a topic on this site
For good priced wheels - tires
I have never done business with these guys - has any one out there? ... Sdatarq=2&

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Made the changes...

I made the decision to change the tires and rims for a couple of reasons.

I did not like my Prius's highway handling. Crosswinds caused significant side to side movement. Through conversations with some auto mechanics buddies, they indicated that the small footprint of the stock tires could cause a "squirm" effect at higher speeds and in crosswind conditions. I had also learned from this forum that the lifetime wear could be significant.

The other reason, I must admit appealed to my more aesthetic side. I wanted to enhance the already sporty look to the car with larger rims and a lower profile tire. I know that it's not exactly an import racer :) , but I think the car holds it own given the primary intent of fuel economy.

Subsequently, I decided to go with the following combination:

American Racing 16 X 7 AR95/Estralls
205/40ZR16 Toyo Proxes FZ4s

This combination resulted in an overall tire height that closely matched the stock combo, while providing a much sportier look. I can't begin to elaborate on the handling improvements. Highway ride improved dramatically. The side to side pull on the car is significantly diminished. Even better, the general road handling also showed dramatic improvement. While I have been generally impressed by this very practical cars deameanor on my local curvy roads; the tire change adds a new level of excitement to sporting around turns while maintaining my 100 MPG results.

That brings me to the final point...MPG. After 200 miles, I am running an average within and 1.5 MPG range of my typical driving average (43 MPG). Keep in mind, I live in north Atlanta, where the roads are typically winding and relatively hilly. I also live in a fairly congested area, so I have noticed a diminished MPG while tooling around town. Out on the open road I am averaging closer to the 48 MPG range.

I'll keep the group posted as things progress.
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