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Replace 2012 V rear windows with tinted glass?

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Does anyone know where I can find tinted rear window replacements for a 2012 Prius V? For all the rear doors.

I know there are film kits available and I don't want those. I had a car years ago with window film that started partially peeling off, which was awful—and removing it entirely was horrible.
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Try searching online stores because there are many exciting things out there.
I don't know where to find tinted replacement glass specifically for your car, but have you considered looking for auto glass stores in your area? They can cut custom-tinted glass for your car, a more permanent solution than a film kit. Another option might be to look for recycled Prius V's with tinted rear windows and find out if you can purchase the glass from a recycling warehouse. This can be a little more hassle, but it's an excellent way to ensure the tinted glass is perfect for your car. Yet, as I don't like dealing with tinting, I opted for a sun shade car, as it's much more convenient and economical. Good luck to you, and all the best.
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