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Repairs beyound 36,000 mile warranty

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Who has a Prius with more than 36,000 miles?
What repairs have you had to do?
I ordered my 2001 Prius 8/30/00 and took delivery1/11/01. I love driving my Prius, even in the Minnesota winter. I have had no problems until
At 38,714 miles the "Hybrid System Warning" light came on and there was loss acceleration. I was able to continue driving on the freeway, to the Toyota dealer (4 miles)
The ACCELERATOR PEDAL ASSEMBLY (sensor) needed replacement.
Toyota paid for the part (car dealership service representative requested), but I had to pick-up the labor cost: $328 (not included in this cost was 9 days of vehicle rental: $270, until job was completed, but that is another story)

I do not consider this a "Serious Mechanical Issues" topic, which reads more like "when good cars go bad" horror story. Thanks k2c for the postings.
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Sorry to hear of your trouble.
As I stated (in Serious Mechanical issues) my vehicle has >41,000 miles on it. Both the recent catalytic Converter (>$1800 parts alone) and the oil leak (new short block is up next) issues have been treated as warranty items (being part of the power train warranty), and I have even had rental vehicle coverage as well. :eek:
I honestly have not researched the warranty, to see if they have done the rental because they feel sorry for me :cry:
Based on my experience I certainly cannot complain about the warranty coverage.
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