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This has happened twice now, incredibly after the same short (2-mle) drive and at the same exact spot (under an overpass). Weird. It stayed on about two seconds each time. (Actually it came on a third time, but no message about oil.)(The message says: PROBLEM then OIL with a dripping oil can.)

But the oil level was fine both times. It first happened shortly after last oil change, exactly (also weird) as odometer tripped 145,000. It's now at 149k+. (I just realized: I just had another oil change a few days ago....)

Yesterday was a 90-degree day. Other time it was also probably upper 80s. Want to think heat causing false reading.

Check engine light intermittent. Had come on a minute before the triangle.

I took it to Toyota the first time. They found ignition coil codes. Nothing about oil. But triangle had long since vanished.

Car is NOT burning oil. Has been using non-synthetic oil, changed at 5000-mile intervals. I don't drive it hard.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: 2006 Prius
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