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Recent Prius Study

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regards, nathan
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I wish they could get all their facts correct - Did we tax payers pay for that study? They mixed the insight and the Prius up - in the specs area. What else may be wrong with the study. Too bad it was so easy to find errors.

steve d.

(Prius is not aluminum Monoque construction for one..)

When you can find simple errors like that it ruins the credibility.. Sorry.

That is the least of it. The companion study on the Insight makes the following very-hard-to-believe comment that a heavier Insight gets better mpg.
"• UR-1 and UR-3 – The only difference is the maximum payload
during the UR-3 test. One would anticipate that the UR-3 result would
be lower, but it was actually 9.5 mpg higher. Normally, the heavier
payload (UR-3) would suggest that fuel economy would be lower,
especially during the many acceleration phases encountered during
urban driving. Not having access to the operating and control
algorithm for the Insight's motors and controller, one can only
that the electrical motor may be utilized more with the heavier
payload. Therefore, the higher efficiency of electric motors may have
contributed to the results. The Honda literature does state that the
electric motor assists the gasoline motor when accelerating
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The photo of the guy pouring gas into the car appears to be pouring into an Insight...
Otherwise an info packed piece (liked the sound level measurements).

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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