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I've read a few other posts on this, but as the username implies, i do not understand cars.

I have a 2008 prius. I'm fairly confident i can follow the steps to recalibrate the fuel gauge. i'm at least the third owner of the car, it still has the original battery, and i'm useless at anything under hoods. My gauge has been stuck at just over half a tank this week. I'm in an area that had been affected by the idiots creating a shortage by hoarding gas, so I've offered some people close to me ride. I saw an empty station, I went to just top off because I knew I'd be doing a lot of errands.

Like in other posts, even with a full tank, the gauge isn't resetting. Even after driving a bit, it isn't going down either. I haven't had the car very long so to some more seasoned owners.....
  • How quickly can you tell if recalibrating the gas gauge works or doesn't work?
  • Why do they get 'stuck' partially filled?
  • I've seen someone suggest driving down the gauge, has anyone does this and about how many miles do you suggest?
  • And if all else fails, when do I suck it up and pay for a shop to fix it? I'm technically between jobs and everything is going to rent atm. So if the recalibration doesn't fix it I don't know what to do.
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