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I've been thinking about the possibility of this for ages as the numbers just stack up so convincingly, but every time I've suggested it I've been roundly consigned to the loony bin!

So in my defence, I'd like to point out this fantastic website that I've only just discovered - it's absolutely amazing!

This guy has taken an ordinary van, converted it to electric drive and added 20kWh of Thundersky lithium ion batteries to it (100 mile range).

But THEN he's added 200W of solar panels to the roof AND a 400W wind turbine! Given the right weather, that could stack up to over 11kWh per day, or a 55 mile range with no need to plug in to recharge! It can conceivably be driven with no oil or grid connection required whatsoever, ie an entirely renewable energy powered vehicle!

OK, it's a home made DIY version for now lacking in several areas, but if a guy can build something like this for just £9,000 in his shed, imagine what could be built in the future with real attention to efficiency!


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