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tjl said:
The EPA fuel economy for the 2004 Prius is 60 city, 51 highway, while the previous generation Prius had ratings of 52 city, 45 highway.

What kind of real world fuel economy have Prius drivers been getting, in what type of driving (i.e. how much city and highway, and what highway speed)?

Also, in non-Prius cars, have you gotten better or worse than the EPA ratings in similar driving?

I've seen the newspaper article claiming that a lot of people are disappointed at getting only 40 (or whatever) mpg in a Prius, but a lot of people get poor fuel economy in other cars as well, mainly due to wasteful driving habits (e.g. racing up to a red light and then slamming on the brakes, rather than seeing the red light ahead and getting off the accelerator to coast up to it), though also driving environment can be a factor (e.g. cold temperature conditions). So what I'm really wondering is if people who normally get good fuel economy (relative to the EPA ratings) in other cars also do so in the Prius (and, of course, whether people who normally get poor fuel economy in other cars also do so in the Prius).

Yes, I have seen john1701a's fuel economy listings for two Priuses (where he got slightly less than the EPA highway ratings), a 1994 Taurus (which he got poor fuel economy compared to the EPA highway rating), and a 1984 Dodge Omni (which he apparently got pretty close to the EPA highway rating, if it is like the 1985 model) (it is pretty obvious from the data that cold temperature conditions where he lives hurt fuel economy). Anyone else?
I have both a classic Prius and a 2004 Prius. The 2004 Prius has just over 1400 miles on it and is getting right around 50mpg around town. My classic with the A/C on gets 55.2mpg around town. I expect the new Prius will get better when it gets a little more mileage on it. I think the climate has a great deal to do with mileage. I live in Arizona were the warm weather probably helps in relation to battery efficiency.

Jerry F
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