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I had lunch with Asif yesterday and he told me the story about Mr. Biggs and his purchase.

Mr. Biggs wanted to purchase his Prius in his company's name. That is ok, however it is the policy of Toyotatown to require a Personal Guarantee for a car titled to a business. Mr. Biggs did not want to give his personal guarantee for the transaction and Asif told him that the policy was not his but the dealership's and he had no control over Toyotatown's policy.

Asif told Mr. Biggs that he was not obligated to purchase the car but he hoped that Mr Biggs would buy it. If, however if he did not it was ok and that there were other coustomers who would be delighted to havethe car.

Mr. Biggs, not getting the transaction done as he wanted, opted to sleep on it. The next day, he relented, or succumbed (if that is a good way to put it) to Toyotatown's policy and bought the car.

Mr. Biggs states that he told the dealership, prior coming to California, that he was paying cash for the car.

Cash means green paper with the picture of Benjamin Franklin in a circle on the front with the number 100 on each corner and a picture of Indipendence Hall on the reverse side. Cash does not mean a cashiers check. Cashiers checks can be stopped or even be counterfeit. Cash can't be stopped.


The law in California requires that every automobile sold in the state must have a front license plate bracket, much to the annoyance of Porsche and Benz owners..I own one of each so I know.

I have purchsed three Prius automoblies from Asif at Toyotatown and have found him and the dealership to be the most honest and reputable person and organization I have ever done business with.

I am glad that Mr. Biggs is now a member of our forum and look forward to seeing other posts by him.

Arizona Charlie
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