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It just occurred to me to maybe start a little poll or page that rates dealership sales pressure and honesty. Feel free to add to this.

These are real reviews of Baltimore/DC area dealerships:

Lustine Toyota - Nova
Name of salesperson - ??
Sales Pressure -------- (-8 out of -10) Lower is better
Knowledgeability of salesperson ++ (+2 out of +10)
Honesty of salesperson + (want to "call me back" with the quote, which was just a ploy to get my phone number)

355 Toyota - Rockville, MD
Name of salesperson - John ?
Sales Pressure ------- (-7 out of -10)
Knowledgeability of salesperson ++ (+2 out of +10) (came across as kind of slow, and didn't speak English well)

Jim Coleman - Bethesda, MD
Name of salesperson - Leo (excellent!)
Sales Pressure -- (-2 out of -10) (post purchase "paint options" was useless, that was not Leo though)
Honesty +++++++++ got me $100 over invoice, granted this was 2002
Knowledgeability of salesperson +++++++
comments: the service overall at Jim Coleman was top notch. They are really service oriented.

Toyota of Waldorf - Waldorf, MD
Name of Salesperson - Marc
Sales Pressure -------- (via email, asked if I wanted to put a deposit, before I had even gotten to the dealership, sheesh!)
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