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Driving home from work yesterday on my usual route, got caught by radar from an oncoming SUV type police vehicle. I was going down this long straight hill, residential area, speed limit 30 mph. Prius("Micar") would coast down and reach 50-55 with out braking. I know this is a perfect radar trap, and try to watch the speed, but he got me doing 45 in a 30. Officer asked me if I had a justifyable reason for going this fast. My response was "Officer this is an electric car, I was braking but it just went a little too fast on me". He looked at the car asked me what year it was, I told him 2003. He took my license went back to his vehicle to pull up my record. Thankful he told me to watch it from now on, and gave me just a verbal warning. I'll be using the "B" drive down that hill in Roswell Ga, from now on.

Dodged the old proverbial bullet...

Geno :wink:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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